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A tiny publisher in a tiny land, creating a new kind of fairy tale for adults.

It all began in the autumn of 1996 when I, the worse half, wrote the first sentence: He was travelling in the Mountains of Loathing when it happened.

I knew it was the beginning of a tale; that was all I knew then, apart from the fact that I had always known I was to become a writer. About three weeks later the first little paragraph was completed. And when 1997 began, so did the proper writing of the First Book, All The Way, chapter by chapter.

Each chapter was read out to Cecilie, improved, and used as evening read for the youngest of our children, then a few years on either side of twenty; a new fairy tale after many others. The chapters were improved again, and I elaborated on all the details until the whole book was sent to proofreading among family and friends during 2001; at the same time I completed the hand drawn maps and the cover with the graduated colours and all the different hoofprints.

Finally, All The Way was sent to the printer by the end of 2001, and I began to create the tale anew in Danish; this version was completed in the autumn of 2002, after another round of reading out and proofreading. Two versions of the book; same page number, same maps, same metres in the songs, same cover except for the language: the first book was complete.

And that was the beginning of the Second Book which is still underway, slowly, while we keep other things going, waiting for the first book to be discovered.

Earlier, we have only published small booklets, notably one about the game of Mah-Jongg. But we never considered offering the tale to a large publisher: publishing ourselves we are able to create each book as a unique experience where all aspects match completely, in the spirit of the tale.

This means that we have to work harder to make The Land known; and we are still looking for partners outside UK and Denmark. But as you can see from the page How to order, All The Way may be ordered from any country.

We have thrown ourselves right into writing and publishing from the very beginning, just as the reader is thrown right into the action from the very first sentence.

A fairy tale about a fairy tale.


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