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With all its other details, hints, and riddles, the tale may attract and challenge a wide circle of fairy tale lovers, and even readers who otherwise dislike fantasy and fairy tales:

Horse lovers will find so much magic between man and horse, the love between girl and horse, horseman language and concepts, tough endurance rides which are also shown in the maps, and they may even judge the horse from the hoofprints on the cover;

Clippety cloppety, clippety cloppety

Stargazers will find everything worth seeing up there, with names from another world; they may take the challenge to date its counterpart in the known world down to the day, and they may enjoy the simple and coherent seasonal calendar;

Beginning in the first book, rune lovers will find the meanings, magical aspects, and early development, interweaved in the story, and they may enjoy the special rune typefaces based on the essence of the early inscriptions;

Old letters

The inner journey is an important aspect of the tale; the whole story may be read as a metaphorical description of the process of self realization, to be recognized or to add thrill, so far notably in the first and the last chapters of the first book;

Written in King's English, before it became the present Queen's English, the language in the tale is kept in a plain wording with original sayings, proverbs, songs, rhymes, puns, and names, to appear as a language with the freshness of an early, formative stage; and it is well suited for reading out, to both adults and large children;

Flap, flap

The soft transitions of the colours and the flaps enables one long cover story in hoofprints; the section sewing ensures durability for years of use; the outer frame of each book has the same proportions when closed and open, and the golden section appears both in the single page and in the full opening; the classical appearance is enhanced by the choice of typeface and the careful imposition; along with the soft cover, the choice of paper makes the book open itself to the reader, and with a sufficient inner margin it may be read without breaking its spine; each book is foiled, stressing the gift aspect and enabling the reader to enjoy the freshness and fragrance of the book, as if it were handed over by the printer; and the foil carries the bar code to be thrown away with it, leaving the cover undisturbed.

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