Experience The Land from within

The Land presents no omniscient storyteller who leads you into the tale from the outside; you are thrown right into the events, you see with the eyes of the rider on the white horse, and you share his thoughts and feelings all along the journey, you experience through him the beauty of nature, friendship and love, hope and fear, plots and riddles, planning and pondering, horsemanship and craftmanship, long journeys and rest.

The Land is written in a genuine fairy tale English, a bit oldfashioned; the first part, All The Way, is a book you can read more than once, and enjoy the suspense and the contemplation, the humour, the surprising events, the rich feelings, and the many details, more every read. Moreover, the many chapters are very different from one another, so every reader will have his favourites.

The tale rewards the reader that is ready to be carried away into a different world and to enjoy the spell of experiencing it from within.

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