THE LAND, First Book, ALL THE WAY, ISBN 87-88863-05-0, with its 510 pages of magic and wonder, flight and fight, friendship and love, work and long journeys, is available worldwide, but we are still looking for additional partners.

Booksellers in any country may order it by phone, fax, email, or post, from our UK distributor Gazelle Book Services, see Ask for ISBN 8788863050.

Booksellers in Denmark may order it from our DK distributor NBC, see, who also stocks the Danish version of the book. Ask for ISBN 8788863050.

Customers in any country may order it themselves from:

  •, with synopsis, search for ISBN 8788863050 or use the direct link;
  •, search for ISBN 8788863050;
  •, the internet order website of the Danish booksellers, with reader opinion in Danish, search for ISBN 8788863050 or use the direct link; instructions in Danish only;
  • A number of other internet booksellers; you may search for 8788863050 on Google.

The Danish version of the book, LANDET, Første Bog, HELE VEJEN, has ISBN 87-88863-06-9.

This information may be printed as a separate PDF file: How to order.

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