This fairy tale is a new alternative to the wellknown fantasy types: there are no wand waving wizards, dragons, and monsters; west is not best, and wolves are not worst; there is no birthright to power and glory; and the outer action is no more important than the inner journey.

Everything is different: the magic, the world, the narrative style, and all the details, hints, and riddles; and the mature innocence is a further challenge to the world that you know. These features are summarized in the PDF file About The Land (69 kB).

The First Book, ALL THE WAY is available now. Read about the first reviews, the first major article, the first TV broadcast, how to order the book; or read the first page on screen: how it all begins.

The second book is underway.

You may print a compilation of all the PDF files mentioned on this website: Welcome to The Land (308 kB), or just a poster. (157 kB).

Or you may read about one Land, two languages.

Or you may view All subjects.

Or you may visit family and friends.

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Additional pages are planned, including pages about the second book, the covers, the maps, the stars and the calendar, the runes, the inner journey, Questions & Answers.

You may send an about the tale, the first book, the website; your questions may be among the first to appear on the planned Q&A page.