Fire is life, and life is fireerif si efil dna ,efil si eriF


A fairy tale for adults, a new kind of fantasy,

written by Jacob Bugge,

published by Cecilie & Jacob Bugge.

Many tales are entertaining, some you remember, a few change you.

The first bookThe second bookThe third bookThe fourth bookThe fifth bookThe sixth book?The seventh book?

This tale will grow until it reaches at least five volumes, more than 2500 pages.

THE LAND is a different world. Enjoy the suspense and contemplation, the spell of experiencing it from within; and let it challenge the world that you know.

The First Book, ALL THE WAY, is available now: 510 pages of magic and wonder, flight and fight, friendship and love, work and long rides, tough reality and mature innocence, inner journey.

The Second Book is underway (link to come).

You may also read this in Danish.

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