An entirely new world, unfolding, still under creation

Most fantasy and fairy tales take place in a world like the one you know, a settled world with sovereigns and subjects, usually based on western concepts and values, and usually dwindling with the magic, from a golden age into a dreary posterity; so if the tale were continued long enough everything would end as the world that you know.

Throughout the tale, The Land unfolds as an entirely new world, still under creation, with its own concepts and values, without reference to the world that you know; and if the tale were continued long enough everything would end as a world that you do not know.

The freshness is reflected in the journey: the discovery of a new land, full of wonders. And it is reflected in the language, in the names: original names, the roots of the names you know.

Deeds are created by love rather than duty. Gentle is not soft, and tough is not hard. West is not best, and wolves are not worst. There is no birthright to power and glory, and the outer action is no more important than the inner journey.

But slowly, slowly, only just beginning in the first book, the tale reveals the unfolding of the faith throughout the land, growing from the deep roots, the blessing of mothers.

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